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In which the universe does me a solid

Last weekend I had the stomach flu. Like curluponthebathroomfloorIwantmymommy stomach flu. It was ugly. I think the universe decided to try for balance, and do something nice to counter the OMGIwanttodie stomach flu. It did me a solid. A few … Continue reading

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Disappointment to the NINth degree

There are few things in life that I would do pretty much anything for. One of those things is to see NIN one more time before Trent Reznor goes on hiatus for an “undetermined” amount of time. Last June NIN … Continue reading

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Just got home from the Nine Inch Nails concert tonight. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Best. Show. Ever. Best. Seats. Ever. OMG WOW I think I’m high on the adrenalin rush…and hoarse from screaming and singing at the top of … Continue reading

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