On the hunt

I’m hunting. But not for a date. For a new apartment. I need to move for many reasons. My current lease is up the end of July, so now is the time.

My needs are simple. But they’re specific. It’s that specificity that’s causing me problems.

*First and foremost, I need a place that allows dogs. With Aussie getting older and her arthritis getting worse, a first floor would be ideal, but if the stairs aren’t too steep and/or they’re carpeted, we can deal with a second floor. Third floor (or higher) is out of the question for her unless there’s an elevator involved.

*No studios. There must be at least one good sized bedroom. Honestly, what I really want is 2 bedrooms. I do have people that visit, and I don’t want my guests (or me if I give them my bed) to have to sleep in the middle of the living room. This is negotiable, however, if the space is large enough to carve out distinct areas in the main living space or there’s a dining room. But a minimum of one bedroom is a firm requirement.

*I need a decent and functional kitchen. I cook. And I really enjoy cooking. Therefore, I need a decent and functional kitchen. I’ve lived with a galley style kitchen before, and while I survived, once was enough, I’m not going there again. Decent counter space, a full sized stove, and room to move around are all kitchen requirements. [I’d love to have a dishwasher, but that’s not a requirement.]

*I need a decent amount of space. I have an upright piano. And a couch. I’d like them both to fit in my living space at the same time. You think I’m joking but this has been an issue in at least two places I’ve looked at recently. Decent space also includes decent storage. One place had replaced the hall closet with the refrigerator to make more room in the kitchen, effectively nixing that storage space and leaving only two smallish closets in the bedrooms for everything. Points for creativity, but no hall closet and no alternative storage option to replace it is a problem. Have I mentioned recently I have a lot of stuff? Well, I do.

*I either need laundry in my apartment or in the building. I’ve lived both with and without laundry in my building, and with pets (like children), I’ve learned it is for the best if it’s close by for those 2am emergency washes (if you have a pet or a child you know what I’m talking about).

*I have a budget. I’ve figured out how much I’m willing to pay both if utilities are included and if they are not included. Given my current gas bill, this is not a small margin of difference.

*I don’t want to move far outside the city. I’d prefer to keep riding my bike to work, but I’m willing to negotiate as long as public transit is a viable option. I refuse to move somewhere that I’d have to drive in to work.

I find the most frustrating of the above requirements is regarding my dog. Now, Aussie is not a “small” dog. She’s not quite 50 pounds. But she’s not big. True to her Basset Hound parentage she’s just solid. There are many places that allow dogs, but they often have a weight limit. This weight limit is usually between 25 and 35 pounds, effectively taking Aussie out of the running. Effectively taking any Basset Hound or Basset mix out of the running, actually.

So for now I continue to check Craigslist for new postings, make phone calls and hope someone actually returns my call (sometimes yes, sometimes the message disappears into the ether), look at places, and pray I find a place soon. If you have any leads, let me know.


About slmcdanold

I’m learning to laugh at myself on a daily basis. I’m a librarian (cataloger) and I love it. My job involves all things metadata related in any and all formats. I have been known to cause a ruckus when necessary (aka troublesome cataloger) and make no apologies for it. I have a passion for continuing education and teaching. I’m a newbie coder (still learning). I like to cook. I’m a fan of rugby (go Australian Wallabies!) and ice hockey (go Detroit Red Wings!). I’m car-free and bike/walk a lot. I’m learning to love running one stride at a time. I own (and love) a very mouthy cat with a punk attitude and a slightly neurotic rescue mutt.
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