I bring my lunch to work pretty much every day. And once a week I take stock of what’s in my fridge to make sure I have sufficient yogurt, fruit, and other goodies for the upcoming week.

This past Monday was a holiday. And it was bitterly cold. So I did an assessment of my fridge to see if I needed to actually venture outside to go grocery shopping or if I could stay snuggled up with hot mugs of tea all day. I counted my yogurts, the yummy pears in my crisper drawer, and made sure I had enough other ingredients to make 4 days worth of lunches, including confirming I had canned soup as a backup option. No problem. Lunch for the week: check! No need to brave the cold (other than to walk the dog).

So imagine my surprise when I went to get my last piece of fruit out of my drawer for lunch on Friday and discovered that it wasn’t a pear, but an avocado. An avocado, people. Yes, still technically a fruit, but not what I expected or planned on. Or what I thought was there based on my fridge assessment on Monday.

OK, granted, they are about the same size and shape. And the pears I had were green, and this particular avocado was more green than not. But still…

How the hell did I mistake an avocado for a pear?!?


About slmcdanold

I’m learning to laugh at myself on a daily basis. I’m a librarian (cataloger) and I love it. My job involves all things metadata related in any and all formats. I have been known to cause a ruckus when necessary (aka troublesome cataloger) and make no apologies for it. I have a passion for continuing education and teaching. I’m a newbie coder (still learning). I like to cook. I’m a fan of rugby (go Australian Wallabies!) and ice hockey (go Detroit Red Wings!). I’m car-free and bike/walk a lot. I’m learning to love running one stride at a time. I own (and love) a very mouthy cat with a punk attitude and a slightly neurotic rescue mutt.
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