Television addiction

TV…I’ve become such an addict in my adult life. I used to have very specific shows I watched, and the list has grown over the past year and especially since I moved (no social life yet in Philly = too much tv watching).

Growing up I didn’t get to watch much tv. My sister and I were only allowed to watch PBS, and only at certain times. This meant most of my childhood was Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, 3-2-1 Contact, Electric Company (I did picture pages with Bill Cosby…did you?), and Captain Kangaroo. I respected Mr. Rogers, but I found him too simplistic, even as a child (apparently he annoyed me immensely as a 2 year old). The only exceptions to this no-tv rule were holiday shows (see earlier post), sports (FYI, I was raised on Detroit teams), shows we watched as a family like the Muppet Show or science fiction shows (see below), and the occasional Saturday morning cartoon fest. Although we did get to watch cartoons when we visited our grandparents during the summer. This lack of tv in my life continued until I was in my early teens. This means I missed out on an entire decade of tv, and there’s an entire chunk of society that I just cannot relate to my peers about. And I am so not the partner you want for any of those games about tv and entertainment stuff. Thanks, Mom. Really. For making me a freak according to my peers because I have no knowledge of the cartoons and sitcoms of the 80s. But I love you anyway.

In terms of network tv I’ve been watching: CSI (the original Las Vegas one, long time fan), Law & Order SVU (again, I’m a long time fan, Mariska Hargitay is so hot), House (Hugh Laurie ROCKS, although it’s weird to hear him with an American accent), and Gilmore Girls (I’m a season behind).

I watch several reality/competition shows on Bravo: Top Chef is on right now (go Sam!), next is Top Designer. This past fall it was Project Runway.

I have my SciFi channel goodness: Battlestar Galactica, Stargate (the original SG-1, and now Atlantis) and (new this past fall) Eureka. Just call me a SciFi geek and do not try to call me during these shows. I will not answer the phone. Period. I can blame a lot of this one on my dad. We used to watch the original Battlestar Galactica together, and sometimes even Buck Rogers. And as a family we were Star Trek fans and watched the entire Next Generation series. I just thought it was beyond cool that the guy I watched on Reading Rainbow was Geordi LaForge. Go Levar Burton!

And I like Showtime‘s Dexter (beautifully creepy and disturbing, which is right up my alley) and The L Word.

I tend to watch FoodNetwork when there’s nothing else on and I have nothing recorded. I like Alton Brown’s Good Eats, 30 Minute Meals with Rachel Ray and Iron Chef America. Alton Brown is the Iron Chef America commentator…he’s such a food and science geek and I’m so in love with him.

The Learning Channel (TLC) has What Not To Wear (you can pick up good clothing tips from that one) and I used to watch Trading Spaces (but not so much anymore). I also like the Dog Whisperer on National Geographic Channel.

I have all these movie channels, but I don’t watch them much besides the series on Showtime. Go figure…I’m apparently not much of a movie person.

Seriously though…I tend to just record the stuff I really want to see and then watch that as opposed to flipping channels and watching something random. I have a DVR with my DirecTV (no reception with just rabbit ears, cable was ridiculous and satellite was easier and it was all so I could watch CNN in the mornings) so I program it to record all episodes of a show and then just watch them when I want. I works really well and I’m less inclined to watch true crap that I’m not actually interested in. I do have a few movies recorded, but I still haven’t watched them (see comment about not being a movie person). I have a marathon of Law & Order and several hours of CSI to watch. So if you’ll excuse me…my tv is calling.


About slmcdanold

I’m learning to laugh at myself on a daily basis. I’m a librarian (cataloger) and I love it. My job involves all things metadata related in any and all formats. I have been known to cause a ruckus when necessary (aka troublesome cataloger) and make no apologies for it. I have a passion for continuing education and teaching. I’m a newbie coder (still learning). I like to cook. I’m a fan of rugby (go Australian Wallabies!) and ice hockey (go Detroit Red Wings!). I’m car-free and bike/walk a lot. I’m learning to love running one stride at a time. I own (and love) a very mouthy cat with a punk attitude and a slightly neurotic rescue mutt.
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